• Whelped 2/10/84
  • Sex- Bitch
  • Color- Black Spotted
  • Eye Color- Brown
  • BAER- Bi-lateral
  • Height- 21 1/2"
  • Weight- 40 lbs

Bred-Owned by Alfredrich

  • Minnie was a lovely bitch in every way!
  • Her sense of humor and outgoing personality are missed.
  • She had a very nice show career - of course she was always taking the back seat to her famous litter brother, Chum.
Minnie's Pedigree
CH Count Miguel Of Tuckaway

CH Lord Jim
AM/CAN CH Coachman's Chuck-A-Luck
Coachman's Clotheshorse
AM/CAN CH Coachman's Classic CD
CH Coachman's Cakewalk
Pryor Creek's Yaupon Rose
CH Fobette's Fanfare
Pine Park Cissy Of Yaupon Row
Coachman's Candy Cane
AM/CAN CH Coachman's Classic CD
CH Dal Duchy's Gorgeous George
CH Fobette's Frishka
CH Coachman's Cakewalk
Kingcrest Pony Boy
CH Fobette's Frishka
CH Tuckaway Dinah
CH Coachman's Canicula
AM/CAN CH Coachman's Chuck-A-Luck
Coachman's Clotheshorse
Pryor Creek's Yaupon Rose
Coachman's Charisma
CH Lord Jim
CH Coachman's Three Cheers
CH Labyrinth Sleighbelle
Williamsview Shane
CH Gren's Coal Tar
CH Williamsview Helen
Poca Dot Salute To Reveille
CH Never Complain I'm Jim Dandy
CH Reveille Girl II
CH Sunkist Singalong

AM/CAN CH Evomack's Tsar Of Carlsbad
CAN CH Darlinton's Mouki
CH Stu-Dal-Poo Quo Vadis
CH Romany's Jaunty Jag
CH Colonsay Hot Supper (eng Imp)
Flamboyant Bonnie Spotlight
Flashdale Flamboyant Prince
Tara Of Bonnie Doon
Ravensglen Road Runner (l)
CH Darlington Flamboyant Fraser (l)
CH Stu-Dal-Poo Quo Vadis
Flamboyant Bonnie Spotlight
Camosun's Canterbury Bell (l)
AM/CAN CH Colonsay's Jester's Bell
CH Belisama Of Maidum
INT/AM/MEX CH Melody Penny Lane
AM/INT/MEX CH Melody Ring Of Fire Of BB CD
CH Melody Jester
CH Colonsay Olaf the Red (L)
CH Melody Sweet CD
Crestview Branded Beauty
CH Belle Monti's Baron San Juan
CH Crestview Jacqueline
CH Melody Crimson And Clover CD (l)
CH Melody Dynamatic (l)
CH Long Last Kelso
CH Melody Blue Velvet
Calculator's Miss Sincerity
CH Williamsview Calculator
Green Starr's Follow Me

Coefficient of Inbreeding of CH Alfredrich Happy Hour is 0%.


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