With 102 AKC Champion and 61 CKC Champion Offspring Chum has unofficially produced more Champions than any other Dalmatian sire in the world. We will be adding all of the CKC in the future.

The American Kennel Club lists 102 Titled Offspring (Conformation & Performance) for Chum. They are listed below in alphabetical order of their dam.

Dam Name: Can Ch Alfredrich Fantastica Dam Name: Alfredrich Glittering Gina
Dam Name: Am/Can CH Alfredrich Kalor Lady In Red Dam Name: CH Alfredrich Opening Act
Dam Name: CH Alfredrich Opening Night Dam Name: Alfredrich Public Life
Dam Name: BISS Ch Amethyst Snow Angel by Daisydot
    CH Amethyst Please Remember Me @ Alfredrich (Female)
    CH Amethest Last Dollar (L) (Male)
Dam Name: Amera's No Nonsense
    CH Amera's Earth Wind-N-Fire (Male)
    CH Amera's In-X-S (Female)
    CH Amera's Cocktails N Dreams (Female)
Dam Name: Amera's Sheer Elegance
    CH Amera's Duran Duran (Male)
    CH Amera's Mistress Of The Dark (Female)
Dam Name: Can CH Beachcombers Liberty Belle (L)
    CH Alfredrich Winpower Of Roundhill (Male)
Dam Name: CH Briarfield Crown Victoria
    CH Briarfield Lord Stargazer (Male)
Dam Name: Carriagehill I Have A Dream
Dam Name: CH Carriagehill Keepsake
    CH Canal-Side's Toffee Truffles (Female)
Dam Name: Cheshire's Ellen Tee Bee CD
    CH Cheshire's Frontpage Gossip (Female)
    CH Cheshire's Just Like Heaven (Female)
Dam Name: CH Cheshire's English Ivy Dam Name: CH Cheshire's Northern Lights
Dam Name: CH Coachman's Circus Wonder CD
    CH Tilbury's Circus Coquette (Female)
    CH Tilbury's Handsome Wonder (Male)
Dam Name: Culurien's Sussudio CDX
    Culurien's Stagecoach CD (Male)
Dam Name: CH DC Cavalier Carouselle
    CH Amera's A-Klassic Unlimited (Male)
Dam Name: Darlington's Benedictine
    CH Darlington's Good Golly Molly (Female)
    CH Darlington Calvados Spirit (Male)
Dam Name: Darlington's Chelsea
    CH Darlington's Lacy Mae (Female)
Dam Name: CH Darlington's Good Golly Molly
Dam Name: Deltalyn Lady Legacy Dam Name: CH Devilstar's Lacey Valentine
    CH Devilstar's Clearly Canadian (Male)
Dam Name: Driftwood Ripple Sand Waves
    Driftwood Travis McGee CDX (Male)
    Driftwood Say G'Night Gracie CDX (Female)
Dam Name: CH Erin's Irish Coffee
    CH Erin's French Connection (Male)
Dam Name: Erin's Nutmeg Candy TD
    CH Erin's Wildwood Luke Macgyver (Male)
    CH Erin's Wildwood Tapestry CD (Female)
Dam Name: CH Esquires Without A Doubt
    CH Aviators Ms Independence (Female)
Dam Name: Famkes Touch Tone Of Montague
    CH Famkes Soliloquy Of Alfredrich (Male)
Dam Name: Fancy Black Starburst Of Pal
Dam Name: Fyrlyte's Lucille WHC
    CH Fyrlyte's Speedwagon (Male)
Dam Name: BIS BISS CH Godin's To Be Or Not To Be
    CH Canalside's Play It Again Sam (Male)
    CH Canal Side's Destined To Be (Female)
    Am/Can CH Alfredrich Canal Side Stance (Male)
    CH Canal-Side's To Be Sweet (Female)
    Canal Side's To Be True CD (Female)
Dam Name: Graceland's If I Can Dream Dam Name: CH Graceland Style O'Alfredrich
Dam Name: CH Kales Presley
    CH Kales Wrinkle In Time CD NA (Male)
Dam Name: CH Lady Machias Starfire
    CH Starfire Ursa Major (Male)
Dam Name: Little Nell Of Wencar
    Coachsides Ruby Tuesday CD (Female)
Dam Name: CH MT Bryton's I Won't Kiss And Tell
    CH MT Bryton Audaciously Sandal Male
    CH MT Bryton Alex Keaton Of Bret D CD (Male)
Dam Name: CH Marmich's Brookside Stardust
    CH Marmich's Brookside Mercedes (Female)
Dam Name: CH Melody Kahlua And Cream
    CH Peace Valley Pinch Of Pizazz (Female)
    CH Peace Valley Pied Beauty (Female)
    CH Peace Valley Ramblin' Rogue (Male)
Dam Name: CH Milky Way's Twilight In Aspen Dam Name: CH Oakridge Preppy Pepper
    CH Oakridge Misties Gilfling (Male)
Dam Name: CH Princess Perdita Marie Dam Name: CH Robbsdale Highlander Chanel
    CH Alfredrich Tina Of Robsdale (Female)
    CH Rolenet's Ad Lib Of Robbsdale (Female)
    CH Woodside Dr Abby Of Robbsdale (Female)
    CH Robbsdale's Puttin On The Ritz (Male)
    Moore's Dotted Ruby O'Robsdale CD (Female)
Dam Name: CH Robbsdales Lil Lady Livimore
    CH Robbsdales Handsome Murphy (Male)
Dam Name: CH Robbsdale Molly Brown Of Pal
    CH Louisiana Lover Of Pal (Male)
Dam Name: CH Robbsdale's Peppermint Patti
    CH Aztec's Alfredrich Argus (Male)
Dam Name: Ch Robbsdale Ruby Slippers Of Pal
    Ch Robbsdale's Cocoa of Pal (L) (Female)
    Am/Can Ch Alfredrich Robbsdale Expresso (L) (Female)
    Ch Indigo's Robbsdale Moonshadow (L) (Male)
    Ch Questa Robbsdale's Winsome Lass (Female)
    Ch Robbsdale Chessman Roux Be Red (Female)
    Ch Coachman's Catch from Robbsdale (Female)
    Ch Robbsdale Princess Coco of Alfredrich (Female)
Dam Name: CH Robinwood's Calico O' Kelkrist
    CH Robinwood's American Classic (Male)
Dam Name: CH Robinwood's Cherokee Rose
    CH Questa's Little Red Waggin (Female)
Dam Name: CH Robinwood's Misschief V Damar
    CH Robinwood's Snow Prince (Male)
    CH Robinwood's Brilliant Snowboy (Male)
Dam Name: CH Roundhill Cast Iron
    CH Roundhill Morning Desire (Female)
Dam Name: St Florian Heart Prness Leah
    CH Sparkle's Shooting Star (Male)
Dam Name: CH Snow Hill's Proctor Review
    CH Snow Hill Spellcaster (Female)
    CH Snow Hill Whitney V Glendale (Female)
Dam Name: CH Spottsboro Windsong
    CH Alfredrich Bigson Of Trilogy (Male)
Dam Name: CH Trilogy's Up Robbdale's Alley
    CH Robbsdales Simply Alfredrich (Female)
Dam Name: Willowood's Paisley Amera CD
    CH Amera's Tail From The Darkside (Male)
    CH Amera's Cocoa Dot Flame (Male)
    CH Amera's Exclamation (Male)
Dam Name: CH Whitaker's Marvelous Millie
    CH Kalon's Room To Fly (Female)

Mrs. Robson is pictured awarding Best Stud Dog to Chum with his son Ch.Erin's Wildwood Luke MacGuyver
with owner Sharon Lyons and BISS Am/Can Ch Alfredrich Bay Colony Hytime with co-owner Sue McCord.


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